The Contra-Dictionary

Title : The Contra-Dictionary
Release Date : December 25, 2014
Format : CD

“Rappers have been coming out the woodwork like Anne Frank, son”. With that same old style; Drake choruses and all that. This is not for you. If you’re concerned about getting famous, proving you “made it”, or that good old mis-guided club-fantasy complete with women swarming you- bottles- and an entourage. This is not for you. A Contra is an opposition. It is the opposite of what they’re doing over there. This is for my boys over here. This is for late nights in a car full of malice. This is for spilling your guts to a person and having your heart dis-regarded. This is for dull nights when I thought I’d never make it through. This is for Fitz. This is for crazy ass Wild Boys, and friends trying to get sober. This is a Contra-Diction; a new slang. But then again you guys already know me. This is homage to Raw Spittage. This is stripped down; this is NO FX. This is punk rock. This is youtube beats and your boy going in. For all intents and purposes I could have recorded this in the car. This is working 40 + hours a week and spitting in freestyle cyphers till 6 in the morning. This is Raw as Fuck, and I don’t care if you think it’s Hip-Hop. This is for musicians who can really do it to you live. This is for the RX Crew, the Carlyle Crew, and all my friends up in New Paltz. I can go further, but the catalog would get to redundant. I’m just happy I’m writing again. It’s been a long year or so since my last project and if you’re a fan of what I do you would agree that it’s a bit overdue. Big shout-out to New Royalty Records for Recording this album and really respecting its concept. Enough of the bullshit though…..let’s get it.

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